Raw and Real Motherhood: Levi's Edit

Our TMM Mamas are sharing their fave TMM products they either have and love, or wish they'd had earlier in their Motherhood journey. 

Kicking off our Raw and Real Motherhood series we met Levi, Mum of one who bravely shares her story on infertility after conception. Read more about Levi's story here. 

You can get 15% off your TMM order with the discount code LEVI15. Enjoy Mamas! 


1 - Nanobebe Ultimate Newborn Bottle Feeding Set.

Everything you need in one easy set. This would’ve been my absolute favourite bottle set when C was born had it been around then! The breastmilk bottles paired with the flexy silicone bottles would’ve made combi-feeding a dream, and as a Mum of a reflux baby the anti-colic teats are a must have. Super stylish, easy clean and with everything in one bundle it makes the newborn stage a lot easier to navigate. I just wish I had this for myself 4 years ago!


2 - Mama’s Milk Bundle

An absolute must have for breastfeeding Mums! I had a similar set when C was born but not nearly as high quality. The collection shells are so handy for when you’re out and about, preventing unwanted leakages in public and making sure no milk is going to waste. Reusable breast pads are comfortable throughout the night and the breast pump is easy to use, portable and saves so much faff. It is also great for quick let downs and if like me, the other boob always leaks when feeding, it’s great to catch the excess.


3 -Dockatot Deluxe+ Dock : Marine Chambray

These docks are ideal! They are so helpful when you’ve got to lay baby down to get yourself dressed or need to chuck your hair up into a messy bun. Also really handy when you’re sitting on the sofa and want baby next to you. Super soft material, comfortable for babies and the marine chambray colour is gorgeous. I love the fact there are other covers available to match your interior too!


4/5 -Munchkin and Bear Silicone Stackable Rainbow/Silicone Stackable Bear Tower

These products not only look beautiful but are also extremely durable. A welcome addition to any toy shelf to help with babies’ development, and even better that they are dishwasher safe! Making clean up a breeze. I will definitely gift these for my sister for when my beautiful baby niece has arrived.


6 -Cribstar Water Bottle

Can anyone say ‘TWINNING’. I love these bottles not only because they look fantastic but also because they can be personalised for both you and toddler. The non slip grip is great for busy Mum’s and little hands alike and they come in a variety of beautiful colours! I’m forever buying C new bottles because cheap plastic ones are always cracking or breaking at nursery, so a water bottle that is hard wearing is a must. I absolutely love.


7 - Eating With The Kids Original Pack

Cooking has never been easier. These recipe cards make meal times super quick and affordable, without having to think too much after a busy day of work. Nutritional information included as well so you always know what you’re feeding the family. They are great for inspiration and trying out new meals as I’m guilty of just cooking the same things each week and it makes cooking with the kids super easy. I love the fact they are real cards that you can whip out whenever, rather than using your phones which will inevitably get covered in food and liquids.


8 -Cribstar Personalised Ribbed Set

What isn’t there to love?! Super soft, comfortable, breathable and completely on trend. I love the personalisation and C will look super cute when we’re out and about. I also love the fact that this set is ethically made, which you don’t often get with our society of fast fashion. A must have for parents who want to dress their kids in the same, beautiful outfits.


9 -Tiba and Marl, Elwood Kids Backpack: Grey/Black Leopard Print

Specifically requested by C,  the cutest and most fashionable bag for his essentials (which mainly includes superhero toys and snacks). I love the fact the material is water resistant and wipeable, making spillages and sticky fingers easy to clean! Plenty of storage and comfortable for him to carry. I love!


10 - Tiba and Marl, Kaspar Changing Backpack: Black

I might not need a changing bag anymore, but this is cute! Super spacious and all the different compartments make it essential for any parent going through the newborn or toddler stage. I love that it’s made with vegan leather too, and looks super stylish whilst also being incredibly comfortable!


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Love Sophia x