Raw & Real Motherhood: Birthing in a Black Cab

TMM Mama Lauryn has one crazy birthing story and today she shares how she gave birth to her youngest daughter in the back of a black cab. Hear her story and don't forget you can shop her edit today. 

She'll come when she's ready

I've always said there is no perfect birth story. Giving birth is painful and if you are a part of the superhuman zen birth women then I take my hat off to you because I'm a loud grunting is it done yet? kind of birther.

This message rung in my head and I so badly wanted to be patient and live by this sentiment but I just couldn't, the mixture of nerves and eagerness to meet my rainbow baby had me clock watching like the mad hatter!

Two days passed my due date would be the day, 10th August.

After a twenty-three hour labour with my first and then giving birth in triage with my second I really didn't know what to expect. Lots of people said she will fly right out and others were saying be prepared for a long labour you've left a bigger gap this time.

Listening to others was my first mistake 

This is the thing about unsolicited advice - it gets in your brain and muddles up your thinking. Although my gut was telling me after the first painful contraction to go to the hospital, I decided to wait it out at home just me and my super helpful four year old.

A bath and a firm telling off my my closest friend later (who, by the way is a Dr and told me to get my butt to the hospital) I eventually booked my bolt taxi and arranged care for my daughter.

Breaking point

When I tell you it went from 0-100 in a matter of three minutes - ladies you all know what I mean. When you reach that point where you swear you can't do it you won't survive and you break down? I call it the breakdown just before the break through and when I reached this point on my sofa I could see my best friend in my mind shaking her head.

I knew my baby was coming fast. We got in the cab, satchel across my chest, sitting on a blanket and my hospital bags chucked in next to me and now the race was really on!

Those contractions came on strong and heavy and bless my little cab driver turning his head asking me if I was OK.

I done everything in my power to down play my pain because this cab driver could refuse to take us... and then what would we do? Whilst my daughter's dad gave the cab driver the pep talk that should of probably been for me I tried to focus.

But then it happened my waters went just like the midwife told me it would at my sweep earlier that day. Nothing major, just a trickle because that baby was right behind a small membrane of water and boy was she right.

Three minutes away from the hospital and I couldn't hold on I reached into my pyjama shorts and I could feel my babies head.

"I'm so sorry, I have to push"

I screamed at the cab driver and he quickly turned into my hero, telling me not to worry and that he's only job was to get us to the hospital safely and I was to concentrate on bringing my baby here safely.

He prayed mashallah and I kid you not - the sense of peace I felt under such crazy circumstances was beautiful.

The main event

We got to the hospital car park and it all happened so fast my daughter's Dad went to get the bags out of the car and I shouted 'Get me first, you idiot!' but there was no time.

Around five midwives swarmed the cab, laid me back pulled down my shorts and told me I had one push left (it was definitely two) and all I wanted to know was if this meant I couldn't have gas and air!

I laid back in the cab with my head balanced on my bags across the car seat, feet up on the other seat looking out of the car door and pushed. 

My little rainbow baby delivered in a cab, placed straight on my chest with all the midwifes clapping and cheering and her dad in complete shock. We lay there for what felt like forever whilst we waited for a wheel chair and my wishes to have delayed cord clamping were honoured, the rest really was a blur but I remember when getting out of the cab and sitting on the wheelchair. I asked if someone could take my satchel off - I had been wearing it the whole time!

The perfect birth 

You see there is no perfect birth, to many they couldn't think of anything worse than giving birth in a bolt taxi but for me the experience was as close to perfect as it could be and a reminder that us women are so damn incredible.

And because everybody asks, yes we did tip the taxi and we also managed to keep his taxi spotless because of my blanket! He called the day such a blessed day said a prayer for the baby and called his wife to celebrate before leaving. How beautiful!

So remember Mamas, however and wherever you give birth - every story is unique and every story is beautiful. Some a little crazier than others! 

With love, 

Lauryn x 

p.s don't forget you got this mama!

Love Sophia x