The Lauryn Edit

Our TMM Mamas are sharing their fave TMM products they either have and love, or wish they'd had earlier in their Motherhood journey. 

Next up in the Raw and Real Motherhood series we meet Lauryn, Mum of three who shares her birthing in a black cab story. Read more about Lauryn's story here. 

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Nursing Bralette


Breastfeeding normally means ugly bras but no more with these I love that I still feel beautiful!

Nanobebe Flexy Active soother
Willow's favourite soother. It's super light weight and fits to her face perfectly!

Boobbix boobie hot chocolate


Tastes like a dream and a little goes a long way. It's great for upping your supply if you are trying to add expressing to your routine.

munchkin and bear toys
Safe, fun yet and aesthetic! Because come on, too many of those bright plastic toys around the living room give me whiplash

Mamas milk reusable breast pads
So soft and sensitive on your skin which stops any irritation I usually get from disposable pads and are exposed friendly. Win win!

mamas milk magnet
Some bits of information just don't stick in your head and boobie milk storage times is one of them for me. This is so handy to have to hand and also for anyone that may be watching the baby for the day.

Breast milk storage bags
The GOAT of storage bags, easy to faw out and store.
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