Ethical manufacturing and the importance of shopping small this Christmas

With the cost of living crisis increasing faster than we can keep up, it can be tempting to shop fast and cheap. 

But we all know the impact these companies can have on the environment. 

Almost daily, I hear the heart-breaking news that another small business has gone out of business.

As a Mum, it was so important to me that I knew and understood where the products I was buying for my children came from, the ingredients used in them and ultimately what type of person or company I was giving my money to.

So when creating TMM it was a non-negotiable for me that we would only stock brands and products I had tried and tested, I knew and trusted. 

It's so important to support small businesses, lessen our environmental impact and leave little carbon footprints for our little people. 

Family run businesses support family run businesses 

Many small businesses only produce the stock levels they need, so there is less waste. They often use small, family run manufactures and suppliers to as they don't require as high stock quantities. 

For example, our water bottles use a family run business in Poland where everyone is paid a fair wage, has great working conditions and most importantly has job security. It's100% sweatshop free.

They often have closer, more personal connections to their customers, so they really do have their customers needs at heart which means you'll get a better service. 

Smaller stock levels mean more control on quality and ethical standards 

Working conditions and fair wages have a huge impact on product quality. We don't support fast fashion or sweatshops. 

They also provide more jobs for local people and your pounds stay with these small businesses, rather than being fed into large corporations.

Personalised gifts are less likely to be thrown away... 

...which ultimately creates less waste and reduces landfill. And what's better than having something no one else has. Show them you know them with a personalised gift.

So please, if you're able to, shop small where you can and support a family, a dream and a local business. 

p.s don't forget you got this mama!

Love Sophia x