How to get your kids involved in mealtimes

The work, family, home life juggle is REAL. Sometimes the thought of cooking a meal from scratch for different ages, different palettes can be almost too much to bare. 

But it doesn't have to be...

Our goal is healthy, nutritious and easy meals for the whole family. Mealtimes are often the only opportunity we have to sit down together as a family during the day. These times are really precious and the cooking process can be fun too! 

We love getting the kids involved as much as possible, using our fruit and vegetable cutters and even getting our little ones using their own set of utensils

Taking the thinking out of cooking 

As much as we love to think we can do it all, it's often not the case so our recipe cards have been a total gamechanger in coming up with easy, healthy meal ideas that are super easy to follow. And they make such a lovely gift too! 

These are suitable for all ages upwards of 6 months old. 

The recipe cards have been checked over by a fully qualified Dietitian and you will receive a card with your pack showing the key (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Egg Free). Each card is then labelled with the symbols. Where you see a * it means the recipe can be adapted for the dietary requirement. 

We hope you found this useful and enjoy cooking with your family! 

Sophia and TMM team x 

p.s don't forget you got this mama!

Love Sophia x