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Why First Aid Matters.

Why First Aid Matters.

Welcome to a special collaboration between Little Tinkers and Mums Marketplace!  After I attending a first aid course with Little Tinkers this mont...

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I am so glad you’re here; my name is Sophia and I am the founder of The Mum Marketplace. I'm all about manifesting, lifting other women up, and mothering your own way. Because when we mother our own way, we mother our best way. 

As a mum of two little girls, I know that when shopping for a growing family, the list is endless and time is, well, non-existent. I struggled to find the things I needed online as a first-time mum. I had a strong idea of what I wanted, but it wasn’t always easy to find. I purchased items through trial and error, not really knowing which brands and products would be right for me and my family. 

I found many shopping sites overwhelming or underwhelming. I didn’t always relate to the ‘stereotypical’ mum portrayed on their pages. I found it hard to find things that made me feel like me, when all I wanted to do was find myself following the birth of my daughters. Most of the major brands available were all about the baby’s needs. But what about the needs of mothers? 

And it didn’t stop there. When it came to baby toys, the plastic primary colour overwhelm was real. Friends would joke that I only would only search for muted, natural wooden toys. And neutrals for clothes. I just didn’t understand why there were no other options available, other than generic pink or blue. 

So, I decided to do something about it. I created The Mum Marketplace… 

Developing The Mum Marketplace has been a magical journey and a dream come true. I can’t wait to give you Mama’s the opportunity to browse through some truly beautiful brands. I am so excited for you to connect with some of the most knowledgeable experts, and a community of other amazing mums, just like you. 


Seamless, inspiring and empowering, TMM is a shopping destination built with mum in mind. 

Filled with handpicked, mother and baby items, we strive to make your life that little bit easier. Let us help to take the load off you with recommended products that are tried, tested, and trusted. From wardrobe essentials for trendy tots, home nursery and mealtime inspiration, gift bundles, and self-care staples, The Mum Marketplace sources the brands you need, so you don't have to. 


No ordinary online shopping site, TMM has been created for mums, by a mum. We know you have your hands full 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so navigational ease underpins our pages. We wanted to make things easy for you, with mobile optimised content that is easy to access, you can browse one-handed, while the other hand is holding on to your little ones. 

Knowledge is power, so we have created a safe and inclusive content space where you can access articles, blog posts and downloads to inspire, include and inform. A treasure trove of need-to-know information, perfect for the night feeds or when you have a moment to yourself (wishful thinking right?) TMM connects you to experts who can help with the issues you face as parents. We tackle every topic head-on; no subject is taboo. 

TMM is all about connection and community. It’s your first sip of coffee in the morning and your daily fix of inspiration. 

We want to empower you to shop with confidence and knowledge, from bump, baby, and beyond with a touch of TMM magic. 


· in connecting busy mums with the brands, products and information that they need, quickly and easily. 

· that everyone is included, whether you know a mum, are a mum, or are a mother figure, TMM is here to help, support, and inspire. 

· in helping mums through every stage of their parenting journey from bump, baby, and beyond. 

· in inspiring mothers to shop with confidence, knowledge, and ease 

· in mums supporting mums and women supporting women. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with us, we hope you love TMM as much as we do. 

Lots of love, 

Sophia x