Welcoming baby Nola

On Tuesday 3rd January 2023, we welcomed Nola Beau into the world weighing 6.5lbs by caesarean. 

My choice would absolutely be a normal, natural hypno-birth but I was scheduled in for a C-section. Whilst it wasn't my first birthing preference, I still felt calm and empowered as I incorporated everything I'd learned and practiced with antenatal and birthing doula, Laura and filled in my birthing preferences form so I was able to have a gentle caesarean. If you're looking for tips on how to have a gentle C-section, I'd really recommend this blog

As a third time Mama, I took the complete pre-packed hospital bag, and it was a total game-changer. I've never had this before with my previous births. Each product is so well-thought out and it gave me one less thing to think about whilst I was eight months pregnant and running around after the girls! 

It had things in there I didn't know I needed. Birth is so much about the baby it's so important you have some things in there for you and to make you feel a bit normal. Even if you are sitting in a giant nappy!

Whether you're a first time Mum, or a third-time Mum these are the essentials that will make your hospital experience that little bit more comfortable. I've listed out what it includes below, but you can also buy the products individually as well. They make beautiful gifts for any Mum.

The complete pre-packed hospital bag and case contains: 
• A lovely recycled canvas bag and cream suitcase 
• A matching make-up bag• A beautiful robe to stay warm and cosy• Gorgeous baby elephant comforter• Gorgeous baby elephant slippers• Kit & Kin nappies and wipes• A silky eye mask to avoid hospital lights• A ‘first moments’ notebook• ‘I wrote this when I met you’ gift card• Philosophy perfume• Vegan lip balm• Toothbrush and toothpaste• Body wash, shampoo, conditioner and soap• A hairband• Luxury organic face cloth• Organic cotton baby hat

My other tried and tested hospital bag favourites are:

Hospital bag organisers 
Every Mum and midwife on the ward asked me about my hospital bag organisers - they're certainly a conversation starter! They slot inside your hospital bag and are the perfect way to keep organised and know where your bits are. It also makes life easier for your birthing partner to find things because everything is labelled. And if (please no!) you had any spillages - all your key bits are protected.

Silky eye mask 
The silky eye mask was a life saver with the bright lights on the hospital ward weren't turned off until late at night. And I don't know what it is about hospitals, but they make my skin and lips so dehydrated. So having the lip balm, face cloth and body wash just helps make you feel that bit more normal. 

Cruelty free nipple cream 
A must for every Mama is the best nipple cream with no nasties - I have tried and tested so many but this is the one I come back to time and time again. 

Make up bag
You can never have too many, right? This recycled make up bag is the perfect size for all my essentials and I popped some of the toiletries from the pre-packed bag in too. 

Reusable breast pads 
A non-negotiable for me. These reusable breast pads are essential for when your milk come in. 

Colostrum harvesting kit 
I collected colostrum before we went into hospital with this colostrum harvesting kit. Having had two babies in special care previously, I know how much better it makes me feel knowing I've got a back up. It also helps to not pop any extra pressure on Mum. I'd highly recommend every mama collecting before they have a baby. It's called liquid gold for a reason!   

Pregnancy and nursing pillow
I feel like this pregnancy pillow of dreams has been with me every step of my pregnancy! This also turns into a nursing pillow you can split this into three sections which is super handy. But having had a C-section, it also worked great as part of my recovery to give me extra support when sitting in bed. And not to mention it's nice to be able to bring a home comfort to hospital as well.  

Swaddle for Nola
A must for every new born, this super soft swaddle that teams up as a soft and cosy blanket as well. It feels so nice on your skin and is made from 100% bamboo. 
These little things helped me so much and as someone that loves these products, I hope they help you, or someone you love too. 
If you've got this far, thank you so much for reading! I'm sure you'll be seeing lots more of Nola Beau very soon. Louie and I are over the moon to be welcoming baby Nola into the world. Dottie and Willow are loving being big sisters and we're so excited for life as a family of five. 
Don't forget no matter how you birth your baby, every birthing story is different. Whether your birth is what you wish for or it's out of your control, every birth is valid and every birth is beautiful. You're amazing and you've absolutely got this
Sophia x 

p.s don't forget you got this mama!

Love Sophia x