A Mama's reminder


To the mum who’s had no sleep 
To the mum who has no time to eat 
To the mum who feels judgmental eyes 
To the mum who was told those lies 
To the mum who’s feeling guilty 
To the mum that has to work away 
To the mum who gets to have fun and play 
To the mum that feeds to sleep 
To the mum that checks for babies’ heart beat 
To the mum who compares 
To the mum who feels that nobody’s there
To the mum who’s finding it a breeze 
To the mum who is always trying to please 
To the mum who only wants to breastfeed 
To the mum who chooses to feed formula 
To the mum who co-sleeps with her baby  
To the mum who got given unwanted advice from that lady. 
Know that you are not alone.
Know that your baby will always be your home.
Know that it doesn’t matter how your feeling, your baby loves you more than anything.
Know that it doesn’t matter if you didn’t have time to shower and your baby won’t remember if you popped out for an hour. 
It’s okay to feel however you’re feeling.
Try not to feel guilty or have a heavy heart.
We need to stick together and not tear each other apart.
Yes, life can get busy, we have so much to do.
But just know you are loved and not to forget about you
Keep going Mama.
You are amazing.
Sophia and TMM Team x

p.s don't forget you got this mama!

Love Sophia x