Six kids, a business and still mothering it

Can we really have it all?  Emma, also known as @MotheringIt is an inspirational powerhouse. She's a mama of six, who went back to work just one week after her sixth baby. But it's not without judgement, hardships and the juggle is real. Today, Emma bares all... 

You’re crazy.

You’re mad.

Absolutely insane.

As I headed back into work to physically treat clients a week postpartum after birthing baby no.6

I took a week off before he came from physically being at work, but the business was still open and the phone, messages, emails and socials still active.

I don’t know any different.

Having been self employed since 20 when I had my first baby and quickly realised that my pretty well paid full time job would leave me with £50 a week after I’d paid tax and childcare just wouldn’t work.

I think there’s always judgement around women and what they choose to do as soon as they become pregnant.

There’s no right or wrong.

For me, for my mental health and for my family to live comfortably I need to work.

When I set up my business after the pandemic I didn’t expect things to take off as they have, but I’m rolling with it.

When I found out I was pregnant, I did panic as it wasn’t ideal timing, but I thought I’ve done this before I can do it again.

I worked throughout my pregnancy and when I look back I think my gosh I’m not sure how I managed but somehow I just did and do…

I don’t like to say I’m lucky as it’s not luck - it’s hard work and antisocial hours, but working the way I do allows me to be at home with the children, to do most of the school/nursery runs and choose how/when I work to a point.

The downside is that I work late nights whilst they’re asleep and some weekends.

So when we are told you can’t be a mum and work- you can and you can do it all, but there are sacrifices and it’s not as glamorous as a lot of people make out, you can do it all just not all at once.

I often find it hard to balance things, and things do get neglected mainly myself because my free time when my husband is home is whilst I’m at work- I’m constantly working on trying to create a better work/life/kids/me balance, but it’s not easy.

For so many mothers they are made to feel guilty for being a stay at home mum and I can honestly say that is the hardest job of all.

I stay at home with my children and work around them because I want to be with them, I don’t want to miss things and I love being a mum. Although I am definitely a much better mum for being back at work and having something else in my life that fulfils me and gives me some financial freedom.

My six children range from 12 weeks to 10 years old. It’s busy. Non-stop. I hope that when they look back they can see that work can be something you love doing, and that you can be in control of it to live your best life.

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Love Sophia x