A letter to my love lines

If you've over-indulged this weekend
if you're gripping your tummy rolls and wincing

If you're talking to yourself unkindly 
This, is a love letter to your love lines  

Dear postpartum body, I am sorry for what I said.
It’s not okay that I was once proud of you, to then look at you with dread.

I use to hold my pregnant tummy and smile with each kick and flitter.
But as soon as the pregnancy is gone why is it we got so bitter?

I know I should be proud of my body because of what it created.
But sometimes it’s hard to see past the tired eyes and tiger stripes.

I know it’s not okay to hide away or feel self conscious of my milky breasts.
The place my babies like to snuggle, drink and rest.

I didn’t mean to be hard on you or make you feel like you are any less, you carry me each day, even when I am feeling stressed. 

women hugging her knees apologising to her body

The pressure we face as women is almost too much to bear 
Too fat, too thin, not the right amount of body hair

Which leads me to the question

Is it any wonder we can't decide what the hell to wear? 

BEKIND they said as they troll on Instagram 

Step outside your comfort zone and you're targeted with spam

She works too hard, she doesn't work enough 

Judgement flows through our veins from every angle 

Society needs to do much better.

But until then, we owe our bodies a really nice love letter.

So I thank you - my body. 

I thank you - my laughter lines.

I thank you - my love lines.

I thank you - my stretch marks.

I love you. My body.


Sophia x 


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p.s don't forget you got this mama!

Love Sophia x