SnoozeShade Original (0-6m) | Universal-Fit Pram/Pushchair Sun and Sleep Shade | Blocks 99% of UV


How does it work? SnoozeShade Original creates a comfortingly dark space that encourages naps by boosting melatonin. When your baby naturally stirs at the end of their sleep cycle, our unique mesh prevents them from latching on to visual stimuli that may stop them getting the deeper, longer nap they need. SnoozeShade can be used in snooze mode or shade mode, both of which protect from 99% of UV rays.

What's the snooze mode? Use SnoozeShade Original to completely cover your pram or pushchair when it’s time for an on-the-go nap. This creates a sleep-friendly environment that blurs distractions and shuts out 94% of light. A sleeping-baby emblem deters people from disturbing your baby, while the sneak-a-peek zip means you can check on them without letting in too much light.

What's the shade mode? Attach SnoozeShade to the hood and handle of your pram or pushchair to create an overhead canopy that shades baby from 99% of UV rays. With a pushchair you can also position it to cover just your baby’s legs – ideal when they’re dressed for summer.

Why should I keep my baby out of the sun? Babies under 6 months must be kept completely out of direct sunlight as their skin is too sensitive for sunscreen and contains very little melanin, which means they burn more easily. 

Will it help my baby sleep? SnoozeShade can be used from birth to help you establish a nap routine without being stuck at home. When in snooze mode, it works like a portable blackout blind to create a sleep-friendly space, blocking out 94% of light and blurring distractions. It’s recommended by baby-sleep experts worldwide and when used regularly it becomes a sleep cue that helps your child learn when it’s naptime.

What age is it suitable for? We recommend SnoozeShade Original from birth to six months, because it’s proportioned for a smaller baby who is mostly lying flat. If you have an older child who is sitting up and wants to see out of their pushchair, you’ll find SnoozeShade Plus or SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is a better fit.

Is it machine washable? Of course – it was invented by a mum! All SnoozeShades are machine washable at 30° and can be tumble dried on low heat.

Difference between SnoozeShade Original and Original Deluxe

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Will it fit my pram or pushchair? Yes! SnoozeShade Original fits any single-width pram or pushchair with a hood, including jogging strollers. We’ve even seen them used on Thule bike trailers and festival trolleys! You don’t need to worry about the type of pram you have – simply choose the SnoozeShade that suits the age of your child.

Can I use it with a travel system? Yes, you can use SnoozeShade Original with an infant carrier as part of a travel system. Use it to safely cover your baby at naptime or attach it to the hood and handle to extend the sun canopy.

Do I need to leave it on my pram or pushchair all the time? No, SnoozeShade Original is super lightweight and packs down into a handy storage bag (free with every order) that’s compact enough to pop into your change bag or buggy basket.

How does it attach to my pushchair? It literally takes seconds! The soft mesh, elasticated sides and stretchy straps make SnoozeShade effortless to fit. Here are our top tips:

1. SnoozeShade Original has six sets of straps, but you don’t need to use them all. As long as you have a secure fit with no gaps to let in light, you’re good to go.

2. Attach the straps to the frame of your pram/pushchair or through any gap you find (hood hinges are ideal). They can also be attached to each other around the back of (or under) the carrycot or seat. It’s fine to stretch the straps – they’re designed to extend as needed.

3. Pull the hood of the pram forward at least halfway before attaching the top straps. Your SnoozeShade will then sit lower at the front and will be easier to attach at the bottom.

Why SnoozeShade Original is safe to use: 

SnoozeShade was invented by Cara Sayer – a safety-obsessed mum who needed to help her daughter sleep soundly and stay protected from the sun while in her pushchair. Unlike a blanket or muslin, our scientifically tested fabric is completely air permeable, which means air passes through it freely. If you were to hold a SnoozeShade up to your face you’d be able to breathe comfortably.

All our products are designed to exceed UK, European and US standards. Every component is suitable from newborn, including our zips and straps.

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