Mama's Milk

Mama's Milk Breast Milk Collection Shells

Our Mama's Milk Breast Milk Collection Shells are made from 100% food grade silicone and PP to help you collect leaking breast milk throughout the day or during your let down. Thereby saving milk from going to waste in breast pads. The soft silicone membrane provides a unique flexible fit making the collection shells extremely comfortable to wear. They are snug, secure and discreet. The collection shells will comfortably hold approximately 20ml of milk and are easy to empty thanks to their built-in pour spout. These collection shells are reusable and environmentally friendly. To use simply place inside your bra making sure the pouring spout is facing upwards and your nipple is central to the hole in the silicone membrane. Leave there while your milk is leaking or while nursing on the opposite side. The Collection shells can also be worn to protect sore nipples and prevent them from sticking to clothing or breast pads if they are sore and chapped.

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