What to put in a nappy caddy

Ever wondered what should go in a nappy caddy? Founder of Whynter Springs and Mama Shaunie shares her nappy caddy essentials.


winter springs travel change mat

Whynter Springs Travel Changing Mat

Subtle designs complimenting your Nappy Caddy. Compact, comfortable and convenient; they are perfect to have to hand when you need them and to fold away when you don't.
Bella moon baby brushes
All suitable from birth, this set of bamboo brushes are soft for your babies delicate scalp. The pockets on the Whynter Springs Nappy Caddy are ideal to pop your brushes in
No Nasties, super cute and mega hydrating
mamas milk reusable breast pads
So soft, an truly one of the most convenient things for mum to have in her Nappy Caddy 
little stories toy cars
Having a cute little toy to pacify your little one while changing nappies is very simple but genius idea to try and prevent rolling during changes
reusable nappy
We used these for our daughter and we love the quality, the prints and the absorbancy! These are a must if you are wanting to give reusable nappies a go, it's not as scary as you may think!
bamboo reusable wipes
Team it up with their reusable nappies; they're safe and sensitive to skin and useful to have on hand for any drool too
etta loves muslin
We love the sensory print and they're also a super handy item to have in your caddy. If it's a little cool, you can place a muslin down on your changing mat or over the top of baby so they feel a little more comfortable during changing times
Having these to hand in your Nappy Caddy is perfect as we know how much bother those teeth can cause our littles
whynter springs pouch
Grab and go, it's like a pick 'n' mix bag to use alongside your Nappy Caddy to grab changing essentials when you're heading out without the fuss of lugging your changing bag.. plus it's super chic
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Love Sophia x