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TMM CEO and Founder, Sophia shares her top 10 TMM picks of the season.
OK, this was SO hard for me to only choose 10 faves. TMM is built from brands and products I've tried, tested, known and loved for years. So many of these companies are family run, sustainable and every product is made with so much love.  
They are all close to my heart for one reason for another. We’re adding new stock and daily drops all the time, so I choose my favourite pieces from each collection.  
Based on where my girls, my Mamas and I are at today, here are the next 10 products in my wish list right now. 
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Tiba & Marl Ellwood Change Bag
Tiba & Marl Ellwood Changing Bag  
My fave change bag. I've had a Tiba for all my babies and the luxe and durability is next level. Also, this isn't something that stops when you don't change your baby anymore. You can keep using it as it's a cute backpack. It’s such a great size and if you know me you know I'm never without my Macbook. There is a slot for one inside the backpack so it's perfect for a working mama. PS the taupe is the dream. 
Complete pre-packed hospital bag and case 
This I honestly love so much. The love thought and care that's gone into this is unreal and it's everything a mama needs prepping for birthing. Such a beautiful gift for a mama to be or from you to you. I wish I knew about this with my first but prepping for baby number three with littles and a business, I was busy and with little time this was a life saver. Plus, the case I'll use again and again. A no brainer – such a great investment.   
3 in 1 pregnancy and nursing pillow  
I love this pregnancy pillow for lots of reasons. But I mostly love mostly that it grows with you and your baby. I even brought this with me into hosptial to have Nola. It also breaks into three so you can use it as feeding pillows and then for tummy time. So no wastage, worth every penny. We have lots of different prints of this but this design all time fave.  
pregnancy skincare set  
The perfect mama to be set; non-toxic skincare of dreams. Everything we pop onto our body makes its way into our body, so I think it's important to be conscious when carrying little ones. I also love the ‘Dear baby’ set for babies and toddlers. Their skin is so sensitive non-toxic ingredients is essential in hospital. Plus, everything looks cute! 
deluxe cockatoo
A MUST.  Deffo a staple for a mama, plus you can get the size up for toddlers. I've recently got the toy arch that pairs with it. Such a fun idea for play! 
 reusable breast pads


Obsessed with these. So helpful and wash easy! I've got such a fast let-down. A lot of pads get soaked quickly - these last much longer.  
fruit and veg cutter  
I love using these cutters. The girls love them too. Making healthy eating fun. It’s a no brainer - every mama needs these in their kitchen.  
cuddle dry towel  
Hands free baby towel 


I've used this for all my girls and it's so great. So soft, washes amaze and good for the planet.  It also makes bathing three less hectic! The girls love their bunny towels, and their hair wraps too.  
 speckled play mat


If you don't have one - you need one. These are the best and we’ve had this in all parts of our house. It's in the girls’ room at the moment, they can use their climbing bits and I don't have to worry. But for a very long time it was in the lounge. Their table was over it and I didn't have to worry about any mess as it wipes perfectly. Also sitting, playing, crawling all of that.  
It's super comfy and looks great over carpet or wooden floors. I love bits for littles that are not an eye sore. These are all double sided too, so you can change it to suit your décor or your mood. We have the large, but they come in different shapes and sizes. Thank me later!   
Cribstar water bottle 400ml in blush
No more losing drinks bottle at Nursey, personalised bottles are a mamas must have. The girls both have these and love. Willow always says the waters so fresh and that’s because it keeps drinks cold or hot for 24 hours. I love that we can all match. I have the mama size so no more cold tea or coffee on the school run and it’s a great way Lou drinking more water.   
 nursing bra
The maternity and nursing bra that makes you still feel like you. This is so important to me. It's easy to get lost when you become a mama and finding your way back can be hard. Especially when you're a milk machine covered in sick 90% of the time. A cute nursing bra made me feel more like me. And this is the one you want. It comes in different colour ways and I have them all!
I love all TMM's pieces it really was hard to pick. Everything is made and chosen with love. But hopefully these introduce you to some new brands, some new pieces and some gamechanging Mum Hacks.
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p.s don't forget you got this mama!

Love Sophia x