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Tandem feeding Mama of three and doula in training, Abby shares her top TMM picks. To hear more about how Abby went from bottle feeding to tandem feeding, read her story here. 
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Pre-packed hospital bag

I love this idea! One less thing to think about before baby’s arrival. This bag is full of all your hospital bag must haves!

Bath salts

I love using bath salts, they are fab and a great excuse for some self-care.

The Breastfeeding bundle

Such a great bundle of essentials for any mums planning on breastfeeding.

Mama's Milk Reusable pads

I only used reusable breast pads with my third baby and they were amazing! So easy to pop in the wash and also comfortable to wear. Plus, they saved me lots of money in the long run.

Nursing bras

Absolutely love these gorgeous nursing bras, helping to make mummy's feel beautiful.

Bella Moon Bamboo Swaddle

Such a gorgeous swaddle, my kids would love being snuggled up like this.

So Kind Pregnancy Skincare

A lovely little set for any mum to be. No nasty ingredients, perfect for mum and baby.

Story of you record

Such a cute baby record, I am obsessed with making these things for my three. We love a memory book especially as they get older and can look back on them.

Tiba & Marl baby carrier 

I couldn’t be without my sling. So, so handy to have baby snuggled in the sling whilst you’re able to still get things done

Bella Moon 3 in 1 Nursing pillow 

Beautiful nursing pillow to help make those important bonding moments as comfortable as possible.

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Love Sophia x