Holiday Hacks from TMM Founder, Sophia Moreno

As a busy mama of three with a four year old, two year old and a five-month old I knew I needed to be super prepped for going on holiday.
Airports, transfers and getting from A to B isn't easy at the best of times with littles.
And, let's face it - a holiday with littles is just looking after your kids in a different country! 
But I survived it and I'm sharing this in the hope that. this will help someone else and encourage any Mamas on who are on the fence about a family holiday to go for it. The memories are worth it! 
So let's get to it. In no particular order, here are my TMM top picks to take you from surviving to thriving your family holiday.
Ralphie Bear Travel Mat
1. Ralphie Bear Scallop Travel Mat
This is great for a nice padded place to change anywhere. The distances between change rooms or toilets can be far at resorts or on the beach so having a ready area at all times makes life super easy. These are also great for making a little play station in the shade too baby can lay on and play. These wipe clean too which obvs is a must on holiday without washing machines!
Etta Loves sensory muslins
2. Etta Loves Sensory Muslins 
I take my Etta Loves sensory Muslins everywhere with me. I always have one tied to the car seat, one in the pram then one in the change bag to use. These are amazing for keeping your baby occupied and engaged as they work with the babies cognitive development and are a perfect sensory colours. Also, if you are breastfeeding and at the point where your bub is a tiny bit older and can get distracted, I find popping this above where your feeding helps to keep baby busy while you feed.
extra large swaddle
3. The Simple Folk extra large organic cotton swaddle
You can never ever have enough of these extra large muslin blankets. Perfect for swaddling, cuddling, drying and so much more. The other two I took with me are the Avery Row organic muslin in meadow and nettle scatter. and They dry super quick too so I always use them on my toddlers at the beach too.
tummy time mirror
4. Tummy Time Mirror 
Our tummy time mirror for play.  These are so easy and it can be used in three ways as a fab sensory toy too. So it's great to set up a little play station while the bigger sisters do something else. 
cribstar personalised water bottles
5. Cribstar Personalised Water Bottles 
Our personalised water bottles are a lifesaver - the girls both had them on the plane and the entire holiday. They keep drinks cool for 24 hours which is absolutely needed on holiday. We would add in ice for extra freshness! I love that they're named too, as the girls take these to nursery and never get lost. I also have one. It's a boobing mamas dream and amaze on the school run.
personalised snack pots
6. Cribstar Personalised Snack Pots
We took our personalised insulated snack pots which I filled for the plane and we used daily on holiday. I would fill with fresh fruit and snacks and breakfast and they would keep cool for upto 8 hours. Perfect for beach days or chilling by the pool. We use these for packed lunches and days out at home. Best investment! 
snoozeshare plus universal fit buggy sun and sleep shade
7. SnoozeShade Universal Buggy Sun and Sleep Shade
Obviously our Snoozeshade for the stroller and for the car seat. They protect baby from 97.5 of UV rays. They also create a dark space for naps on-the-go. I've used these all year round for each of my girls and can't rave about them enough. It's also super dangerous to use a blanket or a muslin over a car set or pram to protect from the elements and a lot of people don't realise this. So it's just such a great thing to have attached or under the pram for whenever you need it.
sensory teething ring
8. Sensory Teething Ring 
Teething sensory ring is a must it's ALWAYS in my change bag for play and helping to soothe those teething gums. It's also really cute and keeps Nola engaged for a little bit. 
the simple folk muslin dress
9.The Simple Folk Muslin Dress
These beautiful muslin dresses are also perfect for hols, keep you nice and cool and protect those little arms of an evening. Anyone who knows me knows I love bit of twinning so the girls all have them! 
Dock a Tot deluxe dock
10. Dock A Tot Deluxe Dock
I took my deluxe dock as we use this all the time at home. It fitted easy in my case and it meant Nola had a safe comfy space to snooze, play and chill. I find it so handy in the hotel room as the travel cots are so big and bulky! The toy bar attachment also come with us which is Nolas fave.
If you have a sleepy head or a dock I would 100% recommend the toy bar as an add-on it keeps them busy for ages and you might even get to enjoy your iced coffee or mojito in peace! 
To go on the dock I also brought the pop up cabana kit. This protects baby from the sun, has an insect bit and a base to protect your dock. Absolutely game changer. 
Avery Row Packing Pouches - set of 3
11. Avery Row Set of 3 Packing Pouches
Packing pouches are a MUST and I took all three!  One for girls' swimming bits, one for knickers and vests and the last was for socks and muslins. These are a game changer and you can use them to stay organised at home too. 
The Simple Folk Sun Dress
12. The Simple Folk Sun Dress
Last but not least is our sundress. Light, sustainably and beautifully made - this dress is holiday picture perfect too.
And that brings me to the end of my TMM Holiday Hacks. You can shop all these in our Summer Essentials section, or each product is linked above. Do you have a holiday hack, or something you'd love to see on TMM? Either way, we'd love to hear from you. 
With love, 
Sophia x 

p.s don't forget you got this mama!

Love Sophia x