Chance, change and hypnotherapy

Being a partner with TMM happened to me by chance; I saw a social media post for a beautiful website who are supporting small local independent businesses, Mums and families. I loved the concept, the branding and the feel of the post- so I sent a PM!


I then saw that the founder was Sophia Moreno-a name which rang a bell for meSophiathen I remembered: wed worked together over 10 years ago. She had been the best Business Manager in my team- and I had often wondered where life had taken her.


I private messaged her straight away and we did a lot of OMGs- How are you?/ How are you??- and there we were: reconnected!


My world has changed a lot in those 10 years, and you wont benefit from knowing all the details so I wont bore you with them- but there are some shifts which Id like to share with you in order to potentially support you in finding your own best you.


I have two teenagers now; a daughter at 17, and a son whos 14.


When I worked with Sophia, I had just recently moved to Sussex from London. The kids were 6 and 4- and life was hectic.

I was firefighting every day: spinning plates and dropping many more than I was catching. Looking back, Id go as far to say I was struggling.


I travelled a lot with work, finding myself running late for trains, being late back for the childminder and never feeling I had any down time.

Just as we were leaving London, my son was diagnosed with Autism -and so the upheavals were affecting him, too.


Looking back and knowing what I know now, I needed to stop more- but I thought I needed to be more organised, a better parent, a better employee- and that I should just keep going.


In those ten years, I changed roles 3 times before first studying to be a counsellor and then side-stepping into becoming a clinical Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist.


I was introduced to the many benefits of Hypnotherapy through a friend, found a reputable practice with amazing lecturers- and then I began. I was in my mid 40s, with 2 kids in secondary school and a very busy life- but I wanted to help myself and others and needed to make a change in order to do so- thats what I did.


I needed to believe I could do it- being out of education since my teens and stepping into it in my 40s was a daunting thought.

I learned very quickly how empowered we can be when we just begin- but I had to make that decision; no advice or recommendations from others would have made me start something new. 


What changed? What made me jump?


Actually, Im not sure: but the fear of my future with no plan for myself was much bigger than my fear of trying something new.

Leaving your comfort zone behind and taking a leap of faith into something new helps you find out who you truly can become.


Fast forward


Today, I help teens upwards to manage stress and anxiety, to increase their confidence and to find their own true happiness.


Im proud to watch the changes unfold as clients experience enormous shifts in their thought processes, actions and beliefs through the benefits of Hypnosis.


I am a walking example of understanding that you really can make positive change in a sometimes overwhelmingly busy brain.

Im still working on myself; the difference now is that Im embracing lifes challenges as opportunities- not with doubt, but with certainty. Im trusting my feelings.


I look forward to sharing tips, thoughts, Q&A workshops, 1-2-1s and everything in between with all TMM followers.


No matter where you are in your journey: pre-parenting, new parenting, older parenting, friends of parents- when you are feeling your own centredness, from your inner self, you will cope and embrace all of it.


I look forward to travelling this road with you.





Omara Hypnotherapy.


p.s don't forget you got this mama!

Love Sophia x